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Do You Need A Simple Guide To Brake Repair?

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Golf carts appear to require little maintenance due to their low top speeds and mechanical simplicity. The truth is that they require the same level of care as any other vehicle, especially if they are driven hard in a variety of situations. This simple guide will answer any questions about how to clean golf cart brakes or adjust golf cart brakes.

How to Replace the Brakes on a Golf Cart

The brakes of a cart will eventually wear out to the point that they can no longer function correctly. You’ll need to remove the brake drums and the two shoes on each wheel hub to replace old shoes or drums. Before continuing, clean the entire wheel hub assembly using brake cleaner. Replace the drum and insert the new shoes into their pistons.  guide to brake repair

How to Clean the Brakes on a Golf Cart

To clean your cart’s brakes, use a regular floor jack to raise the axle you’re working on. Remove the brake drums and wheels from the studs. After that, use an aerosol brake parts cleaner to blast the whole area of the shoes clean of dust and rust. Finally, wipe away any remaining grime with a clean rag drenched in WD-40.

 How to Adjust the Brakes on a Golf Cart

On the backside of the drum on older carts, there is an adjustable screw or bolt. Turn the screw until the shoes are pressed against the drum. As you go, spin the wheel by hand and back off if you encounter resistance. To maintain smooth braking action, newer carts contain self-adjusting shoes with springs that need be cleaned with a solvent and then greased.

Tips for Golf Cart Brake Maintenance

In the end, correct tire inflation is one of the most effective ways to extend the life of your golf cart’s brakes. To avoid uneven wear, keep those tires inflated to the manufacturer’s suggested pressure. Additionally, you should grease the suspension’s working parts once a year. Last but not least, as soon as you notice symptoms of brake difficulties like squealing or locking, address it immediately or give us a call.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to brake repair! For the best mobile golf cart repair company in The Villages, Florida, contact Fairway Golf Car Mobile Services today!