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Are You Experiencing Electric Golf Cart Problems?

One of the most exciting days of your life occurs when you finally buy your first golf cart.

Driving it on the golf course or streets, parking at one of the Town Squares or just proudly showing it off to your friends!

But it is not all roses and wine.  electric golf cart problems

Electric golf carts are convenient, efficient, and particularly long-lasting, but remember that long-lasting does not imply invincibility. These carts, like any other vehicle, might begin to exhibit symptoms of wear and fail over time.

Outside of routine maintenance, your golf cart will periodically require some tender loving care.

When it comes to cart issues, they are usually divided into three categories: brakes, Batteries, and throttle.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common electric golf cart problems.


Brakes are always at the top of the list when it comes to typical golf cart issues. Golf cart brakes are some of the most basic components of the machine, but due to the numerous stops and starts, it’s critical to keep them clean and adjust them as needed.

Click to check out Fairway Golf Car Mobile Services “Guide To Brake Repair”.


The battery, like any other electric car, is frequently the source of the issue. This is the first place to look if you try to start your golf cart and nothing happens.

A voltmeter can tell you if your battery is dead (and by how much). Even while not in use, some cart models utilize a modest amount of electricity. If the cart is left uncharged for an extended period of time, the battery may not have enough power to resume.

The effectiveness of batteries degrades as they age. If you bought the cart used or have had it for a long time, this is something to think about. (If you’re buying a used cart, make sure to inquire about the battery’s age.)

The important thing is getting your battery back up and running. Water must be put to golf cart batteries on a regular basis. Without filling the water all the way to the cap, there should be enough to cover the conductive plates.

Add water and/or electrolytes to the battery of your electric golf cart as necessary. Keep in mind that the battery contains acid, therefore gloves and protective glasses are recommended. If at all possible, avoid spills, and clean up any that do occur right away.

What if the terminals show signs of corrosion? Clean it gently with a gentle brush and a water-baking soda solution. This is also a good opportunity to look for any frayed or broken wires.

The best approach to extend the life of your battery is to fully charge it after each use.

Speed Control

What if your cart starts up smoothly but lacks the giddy-up it once had?

It could be a malfunctioning potentiometer if you’re having difficulties maintaining speed–or even getting up to speed in the first place. This small switch controls the speed of your cart, but it’s known for generating problems over time.

Cracks and loose connections are the two most common causes. Even if you find the problem, diagnosing and repairing it yourself is difficult. It’s preferable to take your cart to a shop for repair unless you can readily reach and tighten the connections.


Whether you have a small maintenance problem or a serious one, electric golf cart problems need to be addressed quickly

Fairway Golf Car Mobile Services can help.  Simply contact us today to make an appointment and we will take care of the problem immediately and efficiently at your home or place of business.