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Do You Need Golf Cart Batteries Maintenance Tips?

The only thing perhaps worse than hooking your drive into another fairway would be if your cart broke down on the 5th hole with a long walk to the clubhouse awaiting you.

Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling when you push the accelerator and…nothing happens?

Like your golf swing, carts benefit from care and attention.

To allow you to keep chasing that perfect round, here are five essential things you should be doing to keep your golf cart batteries in tip-top shape.

golf cart batteries maintenance tips

1) Spend Money On A Quality Battery Charger.

When the cart is fully charged, you want one that will automatically turn off the juice.

Batteries that are overcharged are almost as bad as those that are undercharged.

If you purchase a decent charger, it will automatically recharge your cart when it is plugged in but not being used.

The majority of mainstream golf cart manufacturers provide top-of-the-line chargers.

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2) Don’t Forget To Brush!

Brush your battery terminals with a water-and-baking-soda solution at least once per month for excellent battery cleanliness.

This prevents corrosion, but you must safeguard your eyes from battery acid. This corrosion is poisonous.

To keep rust and muck off those crucial connections, spray the cables with a non-corrosion solution of your choosing.

 3) Long Drives Aren’t Always Better

Over the course of 18 holes, or a sightseeing tour of The Villages, you will expend a lot of juice.  It is a good rule of thumb to never let the battery level drop below 20%.

If you charge overnight, there is no need to worry about overcharging because the high-quality charger you purchased will automatically turn off the device when the full charge is finished.

4) Don’t Forget The Water!

Your battery might need a drink once your round is over just as much as you do. However, distilled water is always the answer here.

Make sure the water is at least 14 inches above the plates by inspecting the holes in each cell. At the 14-inch level, you’ll need to check more frequently, but if you go up to the 12-inch level, more acid will build up on the battery tops.

Additionally, keep in mind to only fill the cells after a complete charge.

5) Drive That Golf Cart!

Golf cart batteries need to be utilized just like the human body and exercise.

When you use your batteries during a round and then recharge them afterward, they perform better.

Batteries typically last six years, but if your speed is deteriorating and you see that they are depleting quickly, you may have to bite the bullet and buy new batteries.


While these 5 suggestions for golf cart battery maintenance may not improve your golf swing, they will ensure that you will at least make it to the course!


If you are in the market for new golf cart batteries, check out Fairway Golf Car Mobile Services.