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Do You Need New Golf Cart Batteries?

If your golf cart breaks down while you are cruising one of the squares in The Villages or playing a round of golf, you will be faced with some problems.

The biggest of which is the fact that you will have to call for your cart to be towed

But how could this have happened?  Were there any signs the batteries needed to be replaced:

Without going into extreme detail, the issue is probably due to one of a few reasons.

Occasionally, a burned-out drive motor could be the actual cause, or other mishaps such as electrical problems like a faulty switch, a damaged cable, or a bad connection.

But in the majority of cases, a faulty or dead battery was to blame when your cart suddenly refused to start and go. new golf cart batteries

How to Spot Dying Golf Cart Batteries

There are a few quick tests you can do to see if a dead battery is really to blame before taking it to the or calling a mobile repair company.

Charger Problems

Before you go out with your golf cart, first make sure it is charged. Reconnect it to the charger and adhere to the directions.

Verify the battery charger is turned on just in case the charger is the problem.

There should be an indicator light to let you know when the batteries are being charged.

Disconnect the charger and try driving your golf cart in the morning. If it functions properly, the issue has been resolved.

Problems With The Battery Terminals

Check sure the battery terminals are securely connected by opening the battery compartment of your golf cart.

It is possible that there are a few loose terminals. Each terminal cable’s connection to the battery terminal should be tugged firmly.

Tighten the cables and try charging again for a few hours if there is any movement at all.

Acid Levels

Examine the batteries to determine whether they are sealed lead-acid batteries or whether the tops of the batteries have caps.

If caps (lids) are present, open them to make sure the cells inside are sufficiently coated in the transparent fluid.

This liquid contains acid, so take extra care not to splash it in your eyes or on your clothes. It will ignite.

Only fill the acid level to just above the battery cells if you need to top it off.

The acid should only be filled to just above the lead cells inside since you need to provide space for expansion.

Only use distilled water to recharge your golf cart’s batteries.

Additionally, golf carts frequently use several batteries to power them.


Typically, solid metal “bus bars” or brief jumper links are used to connect the batteries.

Verify that each of these links has both ends firmly connected. Any loose joints will prevent the battery from charging.

After making sure that every joint is secure, try charging the golf cart battery one more.

Not Holding A Charge

Your golf cart battery may have reached the end of its useful life if it isn’t holding a charge as well as it once did.

Reduced Power

You may notice that the cart doesn’t seem to have the same power as it formerly did despite being fully charged.

Even at maximum power, it might move more slowly, or it might have trouble ascending steep inclines.

Age Of Cart and Warranty

Batteries for golf carts won’t last forever.

In fact, they approach their final use a little bit more each year. If the warranty on your battery is about to expire, you might want to just upgrade right away.


If you are in the market for new golf cart batteries or a new charger, call the experts at Fairway Golf Car Mobile Services today!