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Does Your Golf Cart Battery Need To Be Replaced?

Let’s face it.  Golf cart batteries aren’t cheap.

So, it is important to know exactly what you will get for your investment.

To give you a rough idea of how long your golf cart batteries will last, let’s look at a few mitigating factors.

If your golf cart is privately owned, your batteries may last up to ten years although this is very uncommon. They may also last as little as three years.

Although if you are located in a golf cart community such as The Villages, Florida, you may utilize your private cart more than other owners.

Therefore, the biggest factors in determining how long does a golf cart battery last is the quality of care and the quantity of use.

Other factors would include owner carelessness and extreme weather.

Here in Florida, we are at a slight disadvantage in that in warmer conditions, the lifespan of golf cart batteries is negatively affected.

What issues can shorten the life of your golf cart batterieshow long does a golf cart battery last

1) Battery Overcharging/Battery Maintenance

Overcharging your batteries is the number one thing to avoid.

If your battery charger is an outdated manual model, you might unintentionally do this.

This is a charger that either shuts off at the appropriate moment or slows down to a trickle charge as the battery gets close to saturation point since it cannot detect when the battery is becoming fully charged.

Since they feature a built-in mechanism that detects when the batteries are fully charged, newer battery chargers either shut off or slow down as the battery becomes fully charged.

A built-in timer that you can configure is often included with manual chargers.

If this is not the case, it is strongly advised that you buy a kitchen timer or set an alarm because overheating your batteries will dramatically shorten their lifespan.

Not properly maintaining your batteries is a clear-cut method to lose them quickly.

Regular watering is required for golf cart batteries. This means that once a month, you should check the water level and if necessary, add distilled water till they are full.

Do Not Use Tap Water. And always ensure that they are fully charged before inspecting the water levels.

Checking your batteries frequently is important because neglecting to properly maintain them with water is one of the top “battery killers.”

2) Battery Quality/Brand

It goes without saying that the brand of batteries you choose to buy matters as well.

When in doubt, follow the old adage, “you get what you pay for”.

Don’t scrimp when it comes to purchasing golf cart batteries.

3) Golf Cart Specifications

How many features your golf cart offers is an important fact to be aware of.

Your battery’s longevity may be impacted if you have increased motor, speed, fog lights, headlights, a horn, and other features.

Maintenance For Golf Cart Batteries

The most obvious maintenance advice is to adhere as strictly as possible to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Typically, this entails maintaining the batteries charged after each usage, cleaning the terminals, and checking the water levels every month.

So How Long Does A Golf Cart Battery Last?

In the worst scenario, your battery life might only be three years.

In a perfect world, they might last you ten years.

If your batteries barely last three years or less, a number of things are probably at play. It typically involves some of the following:

  • Hot Weather
  • High-Speed Cart (25 Mph Or Modified From The Specifications Of The Manufacturer)
  • Unsuitable Battery Upkeep
  • Defective Charger And/Or Subpar Batteries


Battery life is undoubtedly a big worry and expenditure for golf cart owners. Follow the tips in this article and enjoy your batteries for many years.

Fairway Golf Car Mobile Services is a registered dealer of the best golf cart batteries on the market today.  Give us a call today at 352-571-3100 or contact us on our website.

Check out these golf cart battery maintenance tips.