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Looking for Used Golf Carts for sale near you? Shop for the Best Inventory of Used Golf Carts for Sale in The Villages at Fairway Golf Car Mobile Services.
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How To Buy A Used Golf Cart In The Villages

Purchasing a golf cart can be an expensive investment, whether you need it as a transportation for playing golf or just for commuting around your neighborhood.

They are a must for persons who live in The Villages. If you know what to look for, buying a used golf cart can result in considerable savings over purchasing a new cart.

Unfortunately, unlike the automotive business, the golf cart sector is unregulated, thus individuals who sell golf carts are free to advertise their products however they see fit. With this guide, we hope to assist you avoid being taken advantage of and feel confident that you buy what you need and feel secure in the transaction.

Golf Cart Age

The golf cart’s age is the first thing you should check.

Knowing the year of manufacturing is crucial since some dealers would pass off a refurbished used cart as “new” in order to increase sales.

Additionally, keep in mind that it could be challenging to locate parts for or a qualified repairperson for much older carts.


Next, if it is an electric cart, you should figure out how old the cart’s batteries are.

The batteries are the most pricey component of the golf cart, and a new set may run you up to $1,200.

You should estimate how soon you might need to replace the current batteries and take that into consideration when making your purchase because battery life depends on a number of factors, including battery usage, year, charging methods, type of water used, and routine maintenance.


Ensure that the brakes are tight and bring the cart to a rapid halt without screeching or grinding.

Unless maintenance has been ignored to the point where the brake drum is gouged or otherwise damaged, replacing brake shoes is typically not a major concern.

Excessive corrosion and rust at the brake backing plates behind the rear wheels may be a sign that maintenance has been ignored.


Be sure to carefully check the tires’ condition.

Do they all have the same brand, look alike, and even wear?

A bent frame, uneven wear, or worn out steering parts can all be signs of major alignment issues.

Tires of different brands are a sign that the cart may have been overused or that it was rebuilt using subpar components. Though it might not always be the case, it is highly likely.

Cart Frame

Steel frames are particularly prone to corrosion and rust underneath the battery compartment.

Battery acid can seep onto carts that otherwise appear fantastic and eat away at the frame, causing them to snap in half.

Fully welded aluminum frames from some manufacturers, including Club Car, do not rust but are nevertheless prone to corrosion in the form of aluminum oxide (instead of iron oxide).

Aluminum that has corroded has a thick covering of rust-like white fuzzy powder. Avoid using any cart that you think might have a frame issue. The cart might out to be completely useless to you afterwards.

Test Drive

Never purchase a cart before giving it a test drive.

A properly maintained cart should move forward softly and smoothly. When driving on a smooth, solid surface, a wobbling or lumpy motion suggests a problem.

The frequency of the cart bobbing up and down is proportionate to the speed if the wheel is bent, or worse worse, if the axle is damaged.

Before you go for your test ride, turn off all radios and similar devices.

Any strange noises should be heard and noted. You can spot issues with the cart by listening for clicking, whining that is excessive, or grinding noises. If you take the time to listen, the sounds a car makes can reveal a lot about it.

Now, that you have a guide to help you purchase a used golf cart in The Villages, where do you do for the best deals?

Fairway Golf car Mobile Services is the answer!

Visit our Facebook Page today or give us a call at 352-571-3100

Now that you are armed with this knowledge you are on your way to finding your dream cart at the best price possible. It just may be sitting in our showroom right now, so save yourself some time and aggravation and stop by 10650 Metro Pkwy #100, Fort Myers, FL 33966 for the best priced golf carts in SWFL.

We also pay premium prices for used golf carts.  Interested in selling your golf cart?  Call us today.

Do you need bill of sale for a golf cart in Florida?

Do I have to notarize the bill of sale? The answer is no if the golf cart will be used on a private road because they don't have titles and don't need to be registered. Although adding another layer of verification and proof to the transaction by having the form notarized, it is in no way necessary.

How much is a used golf cart?

On average, used golf carts cost between $5,000 and $6,000.

Do you need a license to drive a golf cart in The Villages?

An unlicensed driver may operate a golf cart in The Villages, however they must be 14 years of age or older.

Do golf carts come with titles in Florida?

Golf carts do not need to be titled or registered, and as a result, they are exempt from PIP and PDL insurance coverage requirements. Although it is not necessary to have a driver's license to operate a golf cart, you must be 14 years old or older to do so on approved public roads.

Do you pay sales tax on golf carts in Florida?

Florida sales tax is due at the rate of 6 percent on the $20,000 sales price of the vehicle. No discretionary sales surtax is due. Example: Sale of $20,000 motor vehicle to a resident of another state where the sales tax rate on motor vehicles is 2 percent.

Which golf cart is better gas or electric?

Both carts are extremely dependable, though newer electrics do often last longer than gas. An electric cart has fewer parts, therefore there are fewer potential sources of failure. You have clutches, carbs, fuel pumps, belts, valves, starters, and more with a gas cart.

What is the golf cart speed limit in The Villages?

Golf carts should be driven in the designated diamond lanes or along the right side of the road if there is no marked lane on The Villages roadways with a posted speed restriction of 30 mph or less.


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